Specialist in manufacturing of fabricated cages for piling and columns

Welded Pile Cages

SEVEN SEAS STEEL INDUSTRIES L.L.C. are specialists in manufacturing fabricated cages for piling and columns. Traditional methods of making onsite manual wire tied joints are considered to be less economical and highly labour intensive.

In 2002, OCM secured the contract for manufacturing welded pile cages for the Dubai International Airport Expansion Project. A factory was erected on site for the processing of over I50,000mt of reinforcement bar, primarily 40mm reinforcement bar with 16mm spirals. The group went on to supply pile cages for the entire foundation of the Burj Dubai Tower, the tallest building in the world, and for the Dubai Mall project.

Benefits of Cut & Bent via the Industrial Process

  • Complete   size   mix   of   Rebars   available   on demand

  • Cages are made to exact specifications for quick onsite installation

  • Cage diameters range from 450mm to 1950mm

  • Eliminates need for lapping of reinforcement bars

  • Quick response time and just-in-time delivery

  • Relieves site congestion and reduce storage cost

  • Better onsite logistical planning

  • Material wastage control

  • Reduced onsite labour