Continuous testing at all stages of manufacturing process

Principal Applications

Welded mesh is mainly employed for reinforcement where flat areas of concrete are laid, such are floors, walls, foundations and roads. Mesh possesses the right degree of ductility to allow it to be bent and shaped into open or closed cages for beams, walls and footings

Standard Sizes

Standard Reinforcing mesh is manufactured and available ex-stock in sheet sizes of 4.8m x 2.4m. In square fabric the cross wires project 100mm beyond each outside wire, and in structural and long mesh they project 50mm

Special Mesh / Engineering Mesh

Mesh in non-standard widths and lengths can also be made to order, sheets up to 6m x 2.4m in size can be supplied. Considerable savings in time and reduction in waste can be achieved when mesh is ordered at its final width.

Quality Control

Thorough and continuous testing of wire strength, welds and aperture sizes is performed at all stages of the manufacturing process. Final inspections ensure that the highest standards are maintained in compliance with the relevant standards.

Material Specification

Low carbon steel is cold drawn at our factory to produce ribbed hard drawn steel wire to BS-4482: 1998 with specified characteristic tensile strength of460N/mm2. We are producing bars of size 5mm to 10mm in ribbed (deformed) form, and can also produce 5mm to 10mm bar in plain and indented form.