Consistent spacing of wires over cross sectional areas

Reinforcement Mesh

Reinforcement mesh is a pre-fabricated steel product manufactured from cold dawn high yield strength steel. Mesh is manufactured on automatic welding machines which assure consistent spacing of wires over cross sectional areas.

The welding process is accomplished by a controlled electrical process employing the principle of fusion combined with pressure, which fuses the intersecting wires into a homogeneous section without loss of strength

Features of Reinforcing Mesh (BS-4483: 1998)

  • The unique deformed wire pattern offers superior bonding, improved stress distribution and crack-width control

  • Mesh is available in a wide range of diameters (5mm to 10mm] and apertures. The products can be bent to shape as required

  • Manufactured from cold rolled hard drawn steel wire (BS-4482:1998)

  • All intersectionsare resistant-welded thereby no reduction in the tensile strength of the wires

  • Mesh has an average shear strength equal to 80% ofthewire strength.

  • The wire used has physical properties which are rigidly controlled to produce mesh with maximum weld strength combined with ductility

  • The steel specifications allow for cold rolled wire with a minimum ultimate tensile strength of 460N/mm2 and a high resistance to fatigue