State of the art machinery ensures greater efficiencies

Cut & Bent Steel

One of the most important operations in the construction of reinforced concrete product involves Cutting& Bending of Reinforcement bar (Rebar) into the correct shapes and sizes as specified in structural drawings. This allows for a just in time delivery system ensuring trouble-free placement of steel in the structural member at the construction site.
Rebar processed at a Cut & Bent shop is the fastest, most effective and efficient method to provide reinforcements for concrete structures in any project. With prefabricated Cut & Bent Rebars, construction sites reduce material wastage and fixing time significantly. Cut & Bent can also be done on the construction site itself, but is considered inefficient due to the inaccuracy of materials produced resulting in higher wastage and less on site accountability.

Benefits of Cut & Bent via the Industrial Process

  • Higher efficiencies

  • Reduced fabrication time

  • Steel is produced and tagged to exact specification for faster and simpler onsite installation

  • Higher level of Quality Control

  • Just in Time (JIT) delivery with quick response times

  • Reduced storage costs

  • Improved on site planning & logistics

  • Relief from onsite congestion

  • Faster placement of material on site

  • Better accountability and traceability of materials

  • Control on material Wastages

  • Reduction of on site labour and labour accidents